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A letter from Scott to his employees and subcontractors:

At Applegate Rogue Building Company, there is only one "side." That is, we are all on the side of the client. Whether it is a new custom home, a remodel, or some small job, our attitude and that of our subcontractors should be the same.

1) Service - We know that we are in a "service" business.
2) Quality - We provide top notch workmanship.
3) Attention to Detail -The details matter, all of them. The cardboard and the drop cloths matter. Where you set down your tools or your coffee cup matters. The pesky strips of blue tape, the shoes you wear inside, where you rinse a brush, the way a miter fits or where you put a nail, they all matter.
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The Management Team

Scott Jensen  President
LaVeda Jensen  Secretary